Egga Food B.V.’s Privacy Policy

In our Privacy Policy, we use the following definitions:
Policy: this Privacy Policy;
Privacy legislation: The Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (from 25 May 2018 onwards: The General Data Protection Regulation).

1. Explanation of the Policy

Egga Food B.V. may not automatically process personal data you provide to it. The Privacy legislation is meant to protect individuals’ privacy. This legislation limits the authorized use of personal data by third parties. Based on this legislation, Egga Food B.V. is obligated to inform its clients of the following:

  • how and for what purposes the personal data are processed by Egga Food B.V.;
  • report who can who can access the personal data;
  • ask consent to process certain personal data.

Egga Food B.V. values privacy. That is why Egga Food B.V. explains in this policy how it handles personal data, what the purpose is of the use of those personal data, and for which purposes the personal data are processed Egga Food B.V. must explicitly ask consent.

2. The personal data that Egga Food B.V. uses and the purposes for the use of personal data that Egga Food B.V. potentially processes

personal data if you are or become a client of Egga Food B.V. of contact us by using the contact form. Egga Food B.V. collects the following personal data of each client or individual who contacts it: company name, name and contact person, phone number, e-mail address, mobile phone number, fax number, street, house number, postcode, and town/city. These personal data enable us to do the following:

  • financially and administratively process Egga Food B.V.’s agreements with clients;
  • fulfil our provision of services;
  • contact clients or interested parties if necessary;
  • further develop or optimize our provision of services.

3. Provision of personal data to third parties

Egga Food B.V. does not provide personal data to individuals or companies that are not a part of the Egga Food B.V. organization, except when

  • it is legally required to do so;
  • it is necessary for the fulfilment of an agreement that Egga Food B.V. has made with you;
  • you have granted consent to do so.

4. Obligations/secure access/confidentiality/retention period

  • Egga Food B.V. processes personal data strictly in accordance with the law. This means that personal data are only processed for the purpose for which they were obtained and are handled properly and with due care in accordance with the law and this Policy.
  • Personal data can only be accessed by individuals working for Egga Food B.V. unless otherwise specified in this Policy. All personal data are secured against unauthorized access by Egga Food B.V. The security consists of:
    • each individual who works forEgga Food B.V. having their own password to log into the digital system;
  • people who work forEgga Food B.V. being bound by a duty of confidentiality regarding all personal data provided to Egga Food B.V.;
  • Egga Food B.V. took technical measures to secure the systems it uses against external breaches in accordance with the law;
  • personal data are kept no longer than is necessary for proper administration. Egga Food B.V. observes the statutory retention period, after which the personal data are destroyed.

5. Rights of data subjects

  • Right to information: the right to know whether and which personal data are processed and why;
  • Right to access: the right to access and obtain a copy of the personal data insofar as it does not harm another individual’s right to privacy;
  • Right to rectify: the right to correct, supplement, or remove certain personal data if necessary, as explained in the right to rectify and the right to erasure; Right to erasure: the right to request the removal of personal data, whether partially or in full, can only be adhered to if the personal data are not of significant importance to another individual and the personal data do not need to be retained in accordance with statutory requirements;
  • Right to object (opposition): the right to oppose the processing of personal data in certain circumstances;
  • Right to data portability: the right to receive the personal data that are retained for the purposes of transferring them to another organization;
  • Right to obtain human intervention: the right to not be subject to a decision which is based solely on automatic processing.

If you wish to invoke one or more of these rights, please do so by sending an e-mail to: If you request is denied, you will receive an explanation such as your file containing information that is or could be of importance to others. Egga Food B.V. will reply to your message within a month after receiving it.

You can also contact Egga Food B.V. if you have a complaint regarding the manner in which personal data is processed. Egga Food B.V. will then try to agree a solution with you.
If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact us by in writing.
Naturally, Egga Food B.V. will also handle any personal data you provide in this way with the utmost care and confidentiality.
Our current contact details can be found on the Egga Food B.V. website.

Egga Food B.V.’s Privacy Policy Version: May 2018