Boiled and peeled eggs


Boiled peeled eggs

Egga Food


Boiled peeled eggs

Egga Food


Our completely automated boiling and peeling facility, known as Boiled Eggs Ospel, is one of the most modern and efficient boiling and peeling companies in Western Europe. During the boiling and peeling process, we prioritize hygiene, flavour, consistent quality, and efficiency. Our boiled and peeled eggs are subject to the highest standards of quality and hygiene before we send them to wholesalers, caterers, food service companies, and producers of salad and sandwich products.

We receive deliveries of up to 10,800 eggs per pallet and load them onto conveyor belts. Suction cups are used to lay the eggs in their containers and move them to the boiling room for further processing. After a dunk in the boiling bath, a conveyor belt transports them to the next area. They are then cooled in a cold bath, after which they are peeled automatically. When they have been checked for remaining shell fragments, the eggs are rinsed and transported to a second cold bath for cooling. After a second check, the eggs are stored in buckets or bags containing a water, acid, and salt solution. The peeled pre-boiled eggs can also be packaged in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), in which a gas is used instead of a solution. We boil and peel barn, free-range, cage, Better Life certified, and organic eggs.


Superior with boiled and peeled eggs

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Mimosa in MAP

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Boiled and peeled eggs in plastic buckets

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Plastic containers of boiled and peeled eggs

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Plastic bags of boiled and peeled eggs

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Boiled and peeled eggs in MAP