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Our history


In 1977, the poultry farm W. van Gemert was founded in Ospel by Wiel and Gemmie van Gemert. The first packing station was constructed and installed in 1983. The egg packing station used an ultra-modern Omnia sorting machine equipped with the latest technological gadgets to ensure that the sorted eggs were better, more appealing, and more safely processed than previously possible.
In 1996, Eierververij Ospel (EIVO, the egg dyeing facility in Ospel) was founded in collaboration with the Sieben brothers. EIVO is the largest industrial egg dyeing facility in the Netherlands. Four machines are spread over a hundred meters to boil, dye, dry, and package eggs at high speed. Following the successes in sorting, boiling, and dyeing eggs, Boiled Eggs Ospel (BEO) was founded in 2006. Here, with the aid of machines, eggs were boiled and peeled for wholesalers, caterers, food service companies, and producers of salads and sandwiches.
Currently, Egga Food B.V. employs approx. 100 people who ensure that our customers in over twenty countries are satisfied. This is far from the only thing they do, as we work on improving and updating our products, machines, and services on a daily basis.

Fresh eggs, boiled eggs, and boiled painted eggs


Ospel-based Egga Food is one of the largest egg processing companies in Europe, and one of the most modern ones in the world. Annually, approximately 100 employees work to cook, dye, peel, and package hundreds of millions of eggs. This amounts to several million organic, barn, and free-range eggs each week. These eggs are delivered by certified poultry farms from across Europe and are subsequently delivered to businesses in the egg processing industry, wholesalers, supermarkets, food service companies, and caterers throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. An array of ultramodern machinery ensures that all operations are performed by machines under the strictest guidelines for hygiene.

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